Welcome to Hincks Avenue Primary School

Hincks Avenue Primary School is set in a pleasant environment, away from main roads, adjacent to Gabmididi Manoo Children and Family centre.

Students are educated in a safe, supportive environment by highly committed and passionate staff. We have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) across the curriculum.

In addition Hincks has a strong focus on supporting students to have a positive mindset (Growth Mindset) and physical education (TPSR- Taking Personal and Social Responsibility). By focusing on student mindsets, personal approach to learning and their learning dispositions eg resilience and ability to collaborate, we are supporting our students to be prepared for the world today and beyond.

The facilities include our STEM centre, a gymnasium, our Music suite and our new Junior Primary classrooms.

Hincks staff acknowledge that young children learn through play with a strong emphasis on developing curiosity and oral language. Investigative spaces are planned around the Walker Learning approach, with Primary classes exploring project and inquiry based learning throughout the year.

Congratulations to Hincks for being a part of the CORWIN University Visible Learning Project. Hincks is also an AUSSI-SA Sustainable School with a strong emphasis on recycling and reducing waste to landfill.

At Hincks we value transparency and communication, having an active Facebook page, website, Skoolzine app and Governing Council.

Please watch our school video here:

Schulz Avenue
Whyalla Norrie SA 5608

Phone: 08 8645 7266
Fax: 08 8645 0811